I use Lyle’s Aletheia essences daily, which I find help immensely with my creative endeavours. I began with Base, moved to Create and then Activate and am now using both Create and Activate daily. I had some profound insights using Base which excited me to move (probably too quickly!) to Create and Activate. My decision making has improved dramatically and I believe I’m creating space for what is next, which means I’m continually clearing my blockages. The flow is amazing. I believe wholeheartedly in their power and Lyle’s choice of name for each of them says it all – thank you Lyle for caring to make these essences.


I have taken all three of the Aletheia essences, and I have to say that my favourite so far has been the Activate essence. I found it to be incredibly uplifting and empowering. For me it allowed me to stop any form of procrastination, clear any things off my to do list that I’d been meaning to do for years, and move forward with my life purpose. It really is such a feel good essence, facilitating productivity from a place of joy. I would highly reccomend the Activate essence to anyone who feels like they are stuck or in a rut, and unable to move forward with their life. Thanks so much Lyle!


Lyle’s Base essence was super helpful in allowing me to feel much more grounded in myself and in my life. Thanks so much Lyle for creating such a beautiful healing tool.

Jason Gilbert

What I’m about to write may sound like an exaggeration, but Lyle’s Base Remedy literally changed my life. Those who have taken it will obviously be able to relate to the profound effect that it had had my life. I have always been someone with a lot of energy and most of the times have spread that energy between various businesses, patients (I”m a chiropractor) travelling etc leaving me less than optimal focus. After starting on the Base Remedy so many things were clearer for me, it was as if the things that were beneficial for my life had been more clearly defined from the factors that weren’t that advantageous. I basically started to organise my life, with such an inner security and new perception of the truth and what was correct for me and my life. Make sense? I hope so. I highly recommend Lyle’s remedies and have already bought many of the remedies for my friends and family.


I have taken both the Base and Create essences, and wow they have truely had a profound impact on me. The Base essence not only assisted in grounding me and removing blockages, it was also very reassuring during extended travel overseas. I have now been taking the Create essence for just over a month and it is enhancing my creative side in unexpected but delightful ways. The Aletheia essences have been a wonderful connection for me and I am looking forward to further growth with the 3rd essence Activate. Thank you Lyle these are remarkable essences!


Dear Lyle, congratulations on an amazing essence! I had 3 bottles of the Base essence and was feeling amazing and incredibly grounded. Not long after, I went and had a reiki treatment and the Practioner said to me afterwards: ” I don’t know what is going on but I could feel this enormous roots coming out of your feet and they were going on forever and ever…… You are like this huge tree that is anchored into the Earth!”
Keep going with your essences , they are brilliant and I can’t wait to try the next one.

Peita H.

I used this essence at a time when I felt quite overwhelmed and ungrounded. I felt a sense of order around the things I was trying to achieve when I took the essence, and also established a healthy routine to my day. Thanks Lyle

Mel P.

I’ve been using base essence for about a month now. I’ve got to tell you it works. I feel better within myself I have more patience with my kids, I don’t seem to be so angry all the time, I can handle situations better than before. Thank you Lyle


I have been taking the base essence for about 5 months and highly recommend it. As a new Mum struggling with sleep deprivation and anxiety I noticed that I felt calmer and more grounded after using it for 1 month. These feelings deepened the longer I took the essence. Thank you Lyle! I am very excited about this range of essences you are creating!


My experience with the Aletheia Base essence was extremely profound and life changing. I took the Base essence for a period of 2 months, during a time where I was at the end of a long cycle in my life. I feel the essence facilitated the release of a lot of past emotional experiences, particularly linked to the heart. This enabled me to move forward into a new and fresh cycle, with a new outlook and perspective on life. I felt the essence really supported me during this transition between cycles, assisting me to feel grounded and connected to my self during this difficult time. I’m so grateful for the experience the Aletheia Base Essence provided me, and I’m very excited to try each of the the new essences as they are developed. Thanks so much Lyle 


I am on my fourth bottle of the base essence. I have had some profound healing experience since I started taking the essence, many heart opening conversations with others and myself and I feel that I am getting closer to really understanding who I am and want to be in the world.
I feel lighter, more positive and happier to express my opinions, which is something I always struggled with. I now stand up for myself and my view of the world without being arrogant or forceful. I love what I am experiencing… Thank you Lyle 🙂


I’ve been taking the base essence consistently for about 2 1/2 months now and I agree with DJ about the transformation. I’m a working mother with two young (and very active!) boys and a husband who is away 50% of the time due to his work schedule. Before taking the essence, I always managed to get everything done, but the process felt heavy and sloggy…. like I was carrying a heavy load around all the time.

Now, I feel lighter, very relaxed and settled. I don’t seem to have to ‘force’ anything. Obstacles just seem to ‘dissolve’. On a very practical level, things that used to annoy me don’t anymore…and if they do, I have the ‘ooompph’ to do something about it. My kitchen is a case in point. I’ve been wanting to renovate it for years and have found myself getting very joyously stuck into doing it myself. Feels like hardly any effort at all! Amazing, frankly!

DJ is right about the personal insights, too. I’ve had heaps of those and I suppose they’ll be different for everyone. Suffice to say that ‘who I’m not’ is dissolving and my true nature is emerging very graciously, along with the ability to act purposefully and with ease. I’d really recommend getting the three bottle pack if you can. It’s worth it! (Husband is very happy with the kitchen and can’t believe what I’m doing! Saving us thousands! Thanks, Lyle! Your essence Is fabulous and I’ll be back for more!


I have just completed 2 bottles of the base essence and the inner transformation has been incredible. I feel centred and I have a really strong sense of self. The personal insights came thick and fast while I was taking the Base essence- around some really fundamental ways I thought about myself and how I interacted with the world. I am moving in the world a lot more confidently and purposefully – and seeing some really positive results. This is easily the most profound essence I have ever taken.