Insight Essence


  • Strength to move through barriers and limitations
  • Expanded awareness
  • Development of a ‘calm mind’ and the ability to see clearly through circumstances

This essence was made in Mount Victoria in the upper Blue Mountains of NSW, in June 2016.

It assists with the development of a clear and calm mind, to see through the turmoil of the world for what it is: transient movement and activity. It’s like stepping out of time and seeing it all with a new perspective. From this space you can choose to engage with it or just be a calm observer.

The essence reveals the lenses and filters we see the world through. This is a very enlightening experience

Through all this, we develop mental focus, clarity and the ability to see the ‘Truth’, to see what’s really going on around us. A very insightful essence.

The recommended dose is 7 drops taken daily, under the tongue, for a 3 month period to fully experience all that this wonderful essence has to offer



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Insight Essence 20ml

1 month supply