Base Essence


  • Provides an internal foundation, sense of security and grounding.
  • Establishes connections to Heart, Body and the Physical world.
  • Reveals the beauty of our “True Nature” and connects one with their highest Purpose.


Aletheia Base Essence has been created to help connect body, mind and heart, revealing a greater sense of self and a renewed sense of purpose.

Made in the beautiful Barrington Tops from a combination of herbs, flowers and crystals, it gently dissolves feelings of disconnection, fear and insecurity.

People report feeling calm, tranquil, present, grounded and safe, even when they are going through major periods of transition.

It opens the heart and clears away obstacles to living in an open-hearted way, breaking apart that which no longer serves.

The recommended dose is 7 drops taken daily, under the tongue, for a 3 month period to fully experience all that this wonderful essence has to offer



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Base Essence 20ml

1 month supply