It assists people to connect in with themselves; to their inner wisdom, and intuitive ‘knowingness’ of what is right for them. It encourages us to listen to our needs, our boundaries, what we will and will not accept, our intuition, our inner-knowing, our deep desires; and to further know and love ourselves. It allows us to follow our own path. We are constantly surrounded by external answers, other people’s expertise, yet rarely are we encouraged to find our own answers by going within and listening.
The essence reveals and helps to resolve inner conflicts, to bring a persons’ thoughts, emotions, desires and actions together to create ‘One Voice’; the inner harmony that develops may then expand outward to create more outer peace and harmony.
Through all this, we deepen our relationship with ourselves. From this newfound appreciation for all that we are, we can be in the world and interact with others from a more whole, loving and authentic place.