What are Essences?

Essences are a type of energetic medicine and facilitate healing on an energetic, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual level.

Everything is energetic in nature. At a quantum level, matter is indistinguishable from energy and fluctuates between being an energetic wave and taking material form. Anything that happens on an energetic level influences the physical form, therefore a healing modality that initiates shifts on the energetic level also generates them on the physical one.

Essences support our energetic and spiritual development and awakening. They help us to be more whole, and being more whole is fundamentally the process of accepting more and more of who we are and acknowledging our connection to everything else that is. All is one. They help us go a little deeper and to bring more love and acceptance to all that we are. All the light and all the shadow. To reclaim the light in the shadow. The shadow is not evil, it is without love and things without love behave in a way that is not loving. Directing more hate towards that which is not loved does nothing to help it heal. It is those aspects of ourselves and others that are not loved that are most in need of love and most in need of healing.


How do Essences work?

Essences help us to become more whole within ourselves. If we have an emotion or an issue that is not being acknowledged and is being resisted, we are not whole and complete in relation to it. The energy required to continually push the issue away is considerable and increases over time. The more we resist, the more it pushes back, then more energy is needed to resist it. Essences resonate at the energetic frequency of the issue and ‘bridge the gap’ to allow communication with what we are resisting. They help to remove our resistance to the emotional and energetic flow of life. It is the resistance, the blocked flow of energy, that causes more pain and sets up the conditions for disease to manifest. Much of what Acupuncture does is to remove blocked energy and re-establish proper energy flow in the body. Essences also do this, energetically, spiritually, emotionally and physically.


How are Aletheia Essences different to others?

Aletheia Essences resonate with different energy centres in the body, called Chakras in yogic traditions. Each essence has a predominant energy centre that it governs, as well as having a powerful connection with the heart. It establishes healthy functioning of the given chakra, assists with removing any blockages and learning the lessons of that chakra, and reconnects it with the heart. It is considered in Yogic traditions that each energy centre teaches us lessons; as we move up through the chakras we become more whole, complete and develop as spiritual beings.

The Essences are an energetic blueprint for the optimal functioning of the energy centres that they correspond to. If we take the ‘Base Essence’ for example, it resonates with the Base Chakra and the Heart. The Base Chakra governs issues related to being present, feeling safe and stable, being connected to the physical environment, having a strong personal identity, having a strong sense of self in relation to others, having strong and healthy personal boundaries and enjoying the physical world and having a physical body. Blockages that typically affect the Base Chakra have to do with basic survival, not feeling safe, fears of violence, rejection and having under-developed personal boundaries. The Base Essence will help a person to permanently resolve these blockages and issues.

The chakras that follow the Base Essence assist us with learning the lessons associated with creativity and action. We cannot do these things easily if we are experiencing instability with the Base Chakra.


How are the Essences made?

Essences are traditionally made by placing a single ingredient, for example flowers, gems, shells or some other substance, into a glass bowl of purified spring water. This is then placed outside into several hours of sunlight and/or moonlight. The process imparts the energetic and healing quality of the ingredient into the water. This produces what is called a Mother Tincture, which is mixed with brandy to act as a preservative; and is then diluted several times to produce a dose bottle. A traditional ‘combination essence’ is made by mixing together several individual essences (e.g. Rescue Remedy)

Aletheia Essences are made differently. They are created in various places in Australia and are a combination of specific herbs, flower essences, essential oils, crystals, intentions and other ingredients. The Activate Essence for instance, was made from 40 different components. Each ingredient is added one at a time, at which point I ‘tune’ into it to gain an understanding of the qualities it contributes to the overall essence. The process continues until all the ingredients are added; this builds up a picture of what the Essence is about and what issues it addresses. Then it is placed outside into sunlight and/or moonlight to create the Mother Tincture.

Because the essences are energetic in nature, everything about how and where they are made is significant. The ingredients, the order it is added, the quantity of the ingredient, where it was made, when it was made etc. all play a part in creating the essence. It is a very complex process that yields a very complex and profound essence, that is able to assist many people.


How do I take the Essences?

The dosages for each essence are available on the bottle. For the Base Essence it is 7 drops once a day taken under the tongue, either in the morning or the evening. For the following essences, the dose is 7 drops taken twice daily.


What is the best way to take the essences? Can I take more than one essence at a time?

There are several ways to take them depending on what is happening for you. You can work sequentially through them starting with the Base Essence. This way the essences build on each other and support the changes and personal growth gained. Another alternative is to take the essence that addresses any challenge you are currently experiencing. Yes several essences may be taken at the same time, they support each other very nicely.


What can I expect from taking them?

Aletheia Essences are complex and are able to help people address different aspects of the theme the essence is about. Not everyone has exactly the same issues to address, so no two people will have the same experiences from taking them. Quite remarkably though, most people will have a similar experience with each Essence. I believe that because Aletheia essences are so complex, this allows a person to ‘get what they need’, they are ‘self-adapting’ to what is needed by the person taking them.

It is the very complexity of the Essences that allow them to be self adapting to what is needed by the person taking them; to resolve blockages in the chakras involved. Communication between chakras is also addressed. Each chakra does not operate in isolation, they are connected and interdependent on all the others. The essences re-establish connection and communication between the chakras. This process may take time and this is why the recommended dosage periods are longer than other essences. They initiate journeys of profound personal growth and discovery.


What do I do if something uncomfortable arises?

Aletheia Essences are deep and powerful and facilitate remarkable and profound insight and healing. As such the best results are seen with taking the essence for an extended period of time. I recommend 3 months or more for each one. If something uncomfortable arises, it is best to keep taking the essence until the process is complete. It will pass and you will feel so much better, clearer and lighter if you allow it to happen. In our impatience for growth, we often stop prematurely when something uncomfortable arises. However this only aborts the healing process and deprives us of the healing that is possible. If the essence is shifting something, allow it. It will only do so when something is ready to be healed. If it is too intense, then take less drops or doses, but do continue. It is in your best interest to do so.


Are they safe to take?

Yes. Essences are the safest, gentlest, least invasive, and most profound healing modality currently available.


Are they safe to take in pregnancy?

Essences are safe to take in pregnancy, however I would advise not to start taking the Aletheia Essences for the first time if you are already pregnant. If you have been taking them while trying to conceive, it is safe to continue to take them during the pregnancy. It is also safe to take them while breastfeeding. Please email me on the address below if you would like further clarification of this point.


Are they safe for children?

Yes. Children are very energetically sensitive and respond beautifully to essences. In particular, the Base Essence is wonderful for young children to help them feel safe and secure while they are developing their own identity. Consider having the essences made up in apple cider vinegar for the very young, or place the drops in a small amount of warm water with honey or juice to dilute.


I do not have alcohol in my diet, can the essences be made up without alcohol?

A fine quality French brandy is used as the preservative in the essences and while the alcohol content for each dose is low, sometimes this isn’t appropriate for people with dietary, religious or age restrictions. In these situations, they can be made in a base of water and apple cider vinegar as the preservative. Please place a note at checkout. The alcohol content when made up in this way is less than what occurs naturally in a piece of ripe fruit.


Where do I store them?

It is best to store the Essences at room temperature away from strong electromagnetic fields such as televisions, computers, mobile phones and microwaves. Refrigeration is only necessary for Essences made up in water.