Imagine a world where everyone is connected with a purpose that resonates at the deepest level of who they are, a purpose that would give them the greatest joy, happiness and fulfillment. How many people are connected this deeply with themselves and their heart? This is the purpose of the ‘Create Essence’.

The ‘Create Essence’ asks us to look inside our heart and answer the questions ‘what do I most desire?’, ‘what am I most passionate about?’ and ‘what would bring me the greatest satisfaction, joy and happiness? We so often spend huge amounts of energy doing what we think we should do or have to do, but we don’t often ask ‘what is it that I really want to do?

This essence helps a person to let go of anything that no longer inspires or nourishes them, while at the same time gives more clarity of those things that bring them the greatest joy, happiness and meaning to their life. A clarity of purpose develops. I consider this to be the Yin aspect of creativity, the clarity of ‘what to create’ rather than the actual doing of it. The next essence ‘Activate’, will address the active, Yang aspect of creation.

In modern times it is easy to fall into two traps: the constant striving for an elusive something ‘out there’ that will bring us happiness; and the delusion that something outside of ourselves can give us a true sense of fulfilment. In actuality, that happiness can only reside inside us, inside our hearts. Thus, an important lesson of the Create Essence is the distinction and balance between ‘Being’ and ‘Doing’. It isn’t possible to be truly connected with our inner needs and desires when too much time is spent on external activity. We are invited to explore our internal world, as it is in the quiet moments of ‘Just Being’ that inspiration and creativity can arise.

My own experience of taking the essence was to initially go into a state of quietude and reflection. I let go of many external activities and distractions. It really helped me to come into myself. It was an internal process of evaluating what was really important to me and anything that was no longer important was let go of. This makes sense because those things are a waste of valuable creative energy. It occurred to me that we spend so much time doing what we don’t want to do. Why would we not spend most of our time doing what we most love to do? It is an act of self-deprivation when we don’t.

The first essence in the range, the Base Essence, connects a person with their body and the physical environment. It helps someone to be fully present and connected. Now that you’re here, what would you most love to do? This is the journey of the ‘Create’ Essence.