Imagine a world where people are deeply connected to themselves, their bodies, to other people, to other species and the physical environment in which they live. Where they realise the importance, beauty and intrinsic value of everything around them. One only needs to look at the popularity of the film ‘Avatar’ to see the deep longing we have for this connection.

The first in the range, the ‘Base Essence’ connects us with our physical body, the physical world, our hearts and our ‘True Nature’. Many people spend much of the time in their heads or in a creative etheric space. ‘Base’ is a grounding essence, it encourages us to be fully present and to really enjoy being alive.
Much anxiety is due to being ungrounded, to not feeling safe. Unfortunately for many people their response is to split out of their body because of this; yet the irony is that being fully present in the body gives a very firm sense of safety, security and strength. Feeling unsafe in the physical world, coupled with a disconnection from our ‘True Nature’ means many people float about in the ether. Never really coming to ground and fully manifesting here. With this situation, how can these people create anything? They are not fully here to begin with. This is what the Base Essence can resolve.

Base also helps us to establish and maintain strong personal boundaries. If someone doesn’t have a firm sense of identity, it can be difficult to establish these boundaries. They don’t really know who they are. Sometimes when I mention to someone this essence helps a person to realize who they truly are, they are slightly freaked out by this idea, basically saying they are afraid of finding out who they are. What will they discover? Are they the horrible person they think they are? Definitely not. Contrary to many teachings, we are in essence light, love, joy and beautiful creative, courageous and compassionate beings. Like a lamp obscured by a little mud, we just have to wash the mud off. We are the light emitted by the lamp, not the mud obscuring it. This first-hand knowledge is one of the greatest and most precious gifts of the Base Essence.

Many people have reported feeling calm, serene, grounded and secure from taking the Base Essence; and that it has helped them to have stability when going through some major life transitions. It may not change the external situations, but it does change the response to them.
We are all intricately, intimately and inseparably interdependent. The Base Essence reminds us of our connection to all things, to other species, plants, the earth and the Planet itself. I have always loved the Earth, but have found this love to be more constant, intensified and urgent. Practical matters such as an awareness of waste have become even more important than they previously were. How we treat ourselves and the earth is the same, what we do to our environment we do to ourselves. We can do everything and touch everything with our innate Love.

Developing a powerful sense of identity, knowing who you truly are and reconnecting with the physical world is the journey of the ‘Base Essence’. ‘Know thyself and nobody else can deceive you’.