How well are you able to manifest your dreams? Is it a frustrating and difficult exercise or do you work towards them with love, joy and happiness in your heart? Manifesting the dream illuminated by the “Create Essence’ is the purpose of ‘Activate’.

Like all of the Aletheia Essences this one very powerfully awakens the heart. It connects the Will and Heart centres and asks that all actions be done with an open heart.

The connection to what we love most is very important. If we have temporarily lost that connection, if life has become a bit jaded and dull, the Activate essence will re-connect us with those things.

An important lesson of this essence is the balance of work, home and the joy of living. It asks us to build a home, whether physically or internally and to operate in the world from the safety and security of this place. It is when we act from a place of security and being loved that we act in the world from this place. It means that all our acts and creations are done with love and kindness. We don’t need to force our way, or our will onto the world. It is a co-creation with others, for our own and others benefit. To act out of abundance means to act for the benefit of all, not just ourselves. To create abundance and share it.

This essence helps us to move through obstacles that have previously been in our way and stopped us. Many of these are internal obstacles, whether it is a lack of focus, lack of belief in our ability to create, lack of discipline, procrastination etc. It reconnects us with our innate resilience and creative ability.

With this essence we reconnect with the joy of doing, the joy of creating. For me, much of the difficulty I experience is from trying to do too much; from putting in too much effort. Then I get upset and swing the opposite way of the pendulum and don’t want to do anything. It all becomes too hard. Sound familiar? This essence reminds us that gentle, joyful activity is the most enjoyable and consistent way to achieve something. To manifest dreams little bit by little bit, rather than a by a big heroic effort. Life can be a lot easier and much more fun. Speaking of fun, taking time out from work and connecting with loved ones, resting and playing are important qualities this essence encourages.

So you see that this is the counterpart to the ‘Create Essence’. ‘Create’ gives clarity of purpose and the knowledge of what to create, then ‘Activate’ helps to manifest that purpose and vision.